Prime Inline 3 RH 80lb 26-30.5″ Army Green


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?Riser: 82X aluminum, Reflex, Swerve
Grip: Nano Grip with Aerogel
Limbs: Split, Gordon Composites

Cam System: Inline, rotating module
Letoff: 85 percent (advertised); 88.33 percent (as tested)
Draw Lengths: 26-30.5 inches, in half-inch increments; rotating module
String: Prime Made, BCY 452X material, 59.25 inches
Cables (x2): Prime Made, BCY 452X material, 38.40 inches
Brace Height: 6.5 inches
Axle-to-Axle Length: 33 inches
Weight: 4.4 pounds (advertised); 4.6 pounds (as tested)
Finish: Realtree Edge, plus many other camo and solid patterns
Advertised IBO Speed: 337 fps

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