Prime Nexus RH 23.5″-30.5″ 70lb Army Green


2021 USED like new condition

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?Introducing the Nexus series of Prime bows built for speed, comfort, and shootability
Re-engineered draw force curve storing more energy than ever on a prime bow to deliver arrows down range at blistering speeds
Large vibration reduction as compared to last years Black series, accomplished by re-designing the flexis AR, cable ring splitters, Center grip riser, and R2 Rotary cams
New Nano Grip featuring space age aero gel for its amazing insulating properties keeping your hands comfortable without the need for heavy gloves
New Roto cams feature the easiest method for adjusting draw length with self contained system of a rotation module.
Easy-Tune Shim system allows for .030? cam adjustment left or right within the limbs for fast & easy tuning

Draw Lengths: 23? – 30?

Let-off: 65%-90%
Brace Height: 6?
ATA: 32?
Speed: 341 FPS

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