HEXX Live Pole 60″ Black


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?The HEXX Live Pole 60 gives anglers an all-new way to unearth the full potential of their fishfinder. It provides seamless integration with Live Sonar Transducers, allowing you to view more action below the water in real-time. Compatible with Garmin Live Scope, Lowrance Active Target and Humminbird Mega Live, this innovative pole is lightweight and can be easily stowed away when not in use.
The pole attaches to the deck, giving it stability and the perfect angle of aim for your transducer. Now it doesn’t matter if you’re operating on a powerboat or a kayak – you’ll always have access to the same level of detail and accuracy as HEXX has been designed with portability in mind. Plus, anglers can appreciate the soft grip handle being situated at hip level to make operation easy and comfortable.
Your fishing trips have evolved – so should your electronic mounts. The HEXX Live Pole 60 enables you to get more out of your sonar system than ever before, offering a greater degree of precision that fishermen everywhere will benefit from. Simple to install and quick to remove, it’s ideal for those hoping for increased success when navigating anywhere on the water!