Frontiersman Bear Spray 225g 1%


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?Your first and best defence against a bear attack is prevention: good food hygiene in camp, awareness and making noise while underway, anything that gives bears a chance to steer clear. But close encounters may occur despite all your precautions. At such times, you’ll appreciate having an active, non-lethal deterrent. This spray causes temporary eye tearing and respiratory distress, but leaves no permanent damage.

Fires for approximately 5.6 seconds.
Range is roughly 9m.
Active ingredient is 1% capsaicin that will not cause permanent eye damage.
Dual component Dymel-nitrogen propellant remains effective at extremely low temperatures and does not cause ozone depletion. Non-flammable.
Glow-in-the-dark safety clip lets you find the unit in the dark.
Zap tie prevents accidental loss of safety clip.
Three-year shelf life, with expiration date on label.